We provide free hiv self-test kits and free rape alarms. Contact us via facebook or email us. Availability is limited but we will do our best to assist you.


If you are in distress and need assistance please use the information on this page.



Welcome to the charity HIV after attack. We operate in the UK only, although you are welcome to use this site as you wish.

We aim to provide information to people living with HIV, coping with diagnosis or coping with an attack.


We have tests available. Please message us via email or facebook and we will get back to you. It is free and it is confidential.


About us:


We call ourselves HIV after attack as we want to support people who have been attacked and want to know their HIV status. We also provide support to people who have been attacked and who do not have HIV, and to those who have not been attacked but are HIV positive or are unsure of their HIV status. We aim to provide HIV self-test kits to people who would not otherwise go to a clinic and find out their status. We also aim to provide free rape alarms.

One of our trustees is HIV positive, we hope to show others who are diagnosed with HIV that it is still possible to live a fulfilling and long life.





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Our aims:


To start an online forum where people can share their experiences and respond to others. This is so that people realise they are not alone in living with HIV and after attack. We are working on this as a long term aim; currently the tests are our main focus.


To provide confidential self-test HIV kits. The tests are for people who have been attacked, abused or raped and are concerned about their HIV status. There are free tests available with the NHS, however we aim to provide at home tests to people who would not go to a clinic and so would be unaware of their HIV status. The tests are about £30.00 each. We don't believe people who have been attacked should pay for tests as they are a victim, this is why we formed.


To reduce the spread of HIV by making it easier for people to test their status and by providing rape alarms to reduce the likelihood of attack.


To reduce the loss of lives after diagnosis by providing people with information on living with HIV and providing information on where to seek help.


How will we achieve them:


We have been fundraising and we can supply some tests and alarms. The availability is limited but if you need help we will leave no stone unturned so that we can help you.


If you wish to support us please message us via email or facebook; we would be grateful for the help.


For the forum we will need to hire a website designer. We have created this website ourselves to reduce costs so that the funds we have will go towards the self-test kits and rape alarms. However, we are not able to create a forum. If you are able to assist please email: